Online Learning as New Behaviour Learning System.

When the Covid 19 pandemic was not over, while new academic school calendar in Indonesia had to begin. Then this becomes a challenge for education world in Indonesia. One solution that is currently trending is Online Learning from home. But whether the solution can be a comprehensive problem solving or even bring up new problems?

For some people in urban areas, the use of gadgets or smartphones or laptops has become common for certain groups of citizen. So with the onset of online learning system from the house. Therefore it can be a solution for parents who feel overwhelmed in educating children at home. But educators must also be careful in paying attention to other layer of citizen, namely those who need a struggle to meet their daily needs. In other hand especially if added to the burden of having to buy a smartphone or gadget or laptop that can be used for the children’s online learning facilities. Not to mention the need to buy an internet quota that is quite burdening them.

Online Learning Systems

Actually educators can wisely take the middle ground as an even solution for all groups. A solution that can make it easier for parents of students who can afford to hold independent learning facilities online. Student that are using a laptop or smartphone or gadget along with a regular internet connection or quota. But it also includes students from among those who are unable to partially learn. Student that in class by applying strict health protocols. So justice can be achieved in education.

This can be done by allowing students who are unable to provide smartphone equipment or gadgets or laptops at home. Student that have ability with an internet connection to conduct learning activities in schools with high health protocols. So that online partial learning applies, so that justice in getting the right to learning is touched to all levels of society. Especially for students who are in remote areas far from big cities and far from internet connections. But this we return to the government as a decision maker to be able to be careful in seeing a problem.