Tesla Electric Vehicles Implemented Artificial Intelligence

Tesla Electric Vehicles has been incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their mobile applications. Tesla’s mobile app allows owners to remotely access and control their Tesla vehicles through their smartphones.

Some of the AI features that are currently available in the Tesla mobile app include:

  • Smart Summon: This feature enables a Tesla owner to summon their vehicle from a parking spot to their location using their smartphone.
  • Auto Park: This feature uses AI to automatically park a Tesla vehicle in a parallel or perpendicular parking space.
  • Autosteer: This feature allows a Tesla vehicle to automatically steer itself on highways and major roads, using sensors and cameras to detect and respond to other vehicles and objects on the road.
  • Sentry Mode: This feature uses AI to detect potential threats to a Tesla vehicle while it is parked, such as someone attempting to break into the vehicle or damage it.

Tesla Electric Vehicle is constantly incorporating AI and machine learning into their vehicles and mobile apps to enhance their functionality. Surely with provide a better user experience. However, some general information about how AI is typically incorporated into mobile applications.

Many Configuration can implemented on Electric Car

Tesla Model S vehicles and other sources. And then integrating those models into the app to provide features such as Smart Summon, Auto Park, Autosteer, and Sentry Mode.

The app would also likely include a variety of other components. Such as user interfaces for controlling the Tesla vehicle, networking capabilities for communicating with the vehicle and other servers. And also security features to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

The picture above are credit to CNET